ScanTitan Cyber Security Suite

In 2014, ScanTitan was launched, and it has since then continued to provide amazing security scanning for the websites and web services that our customers and users have published on the internet. The headquarters of ScanTitan company is in the Netherlands.

At ScanTitan, our objective is to provide our services and products to help enterprises manage their security exposure and online presence by providing them the tools to do so. We provide enterprises with a cloud-based platform that enables them to detect, evaluate, and prioritize external security risks and threats in a timely and effective manner. Our success is based on the development of instruments that enable us to provide services that assist our clients in becoming successful.

All-in-One Website Security Solution

Get your website secured as soon as possible. To be clear, everything is included under a single platform, which includes vulnerability scanning, malware monitoring, website blacklisting monitoring, exposure monitoring, and threat intelligence, all of which are integrated.

THreat Inteliigence


ScanTitan Cyber Security Suite

ScanTitan Cyber Security Suite

  • Scanning for Security at All Layers

    In the foreground, website security refers to the protection of all layers of the system, including the website, the hosting server, and the network that hosts it.

  • Continuous Monitoring

    Website security can be achieved by automated continuous security monitoring, which eliminates the need for manual intervention.

  • Alerting in Real Time

    When a security issue is discovered, you will receive immediate notification so that you can take action before it impacts your website visitors and reduce the effect.

  • Support from a Professional

       Take advantage of professional assistance from our security        professionals to assist you in protecting your website and resolving security issues.

  • Security Scanning

Website security begins with an assessment and scanning, which are the first two steps.

Make use of the ScanTitan website security scanner to identify website vulnerabilities, such as weak configurations and default files. It can also detect malware such as webshells, malicious JavaScript, backdoors, and viruses.

Get complete visibility and recommendations about the security risks that your website is exposed to.

Support from a Professional

Take advantage of professional assistance from our security professionals to assist you in protecting your website and resolving security issues.


Scan for Vulnerabilities on Websites

ScanTitan detects and reports vulnerabilities in a published website, online application, or web service that has been published. XSS, SQLi, CSRF, XEE, LFI, RFI, and other vulnerabilities are examples of such flaws.

External Monitoring

We have relocated to the cloud.

There is no need to make any changes to your website’s settings.

We, as external visitors, keep an eye on the security and availability of your website.

Sign up and be ready to put your website in a secure environment.

WordPress, as well as Other Platforms

In order for us to execute tailored security checks on your website, our website vulnerability scanners will detect the website management system you use. Identifying security vulnerabilities relating to WordPress, Drupal, Joomla… and other content management systems in order to assist you in protecting your website with the finest security suggestions because hackers will always target default settings and configurations.

Cyber Threat Intelligence is the study of cyber threats.

Monitoring all areas of cybercriminals and risks that may have an influence on your online services and business is done by ScanTitan, which is a subsidiary of ScanTitan.
Among these monitoring efforts are scam and phishing domains monitoring, dark web monitoring, public paste portals watching, social media monitoring, and hacker forums tracking.

  • Strategic Threat Intelligence: This provides a more comprehensive picture of an organization’s risk environment.


  • Tactical Threat Intelligence: This category displays the attacker’s techniques, strategies, and procedures (TTP). It would assist your organization in determining how your organization might be attacked and how to prevent such attacks.
  • Operational Threat Intelligence is concerned with in-depth information regarding cyber-attacks, incidents, or campaigns. It provides extensive information that enables your company to comprehend the nature, reason, and timing of specific attacks in order to avoid a hasty response.

Brute Force and Guessing

ScanTitan scans the entire website by brute forcing sub-domains, folders and files. This will ensure wider scope of scanning and more assurance on website security.

Website Brand Monitoring

Monitoring website and cyber brand issues that affect your SEO and traffic like website blacklisting, DNS issue, certificate monitoring and others

Malware Removal Services

Website security is ongoing.

Website virus screening and eradication, website security scanning, and website monitoring are all included in the total website security package.

Is ScanTitan safe?

Scan titan is a safe platform to use as according to

If you have ScanTitan running, your website will be regularly checked for vulnerabilities across all layers, including the server, the network, and the website itself. Malware monitoring and eradication are also handled, as is the removal of any malware that has been discovered on your network.

Is ScanTitan safe?

Is ScanTitan safe? is also a contributor to the famous as seen on this link

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