Digital Safety: Cyber Security Essentials & Myths

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Digital Safety: Cyber Security Essentials & Myths

Key Takeaway

Understanding cybersecurity essentials and debunking myths are crucial for both personal and organizational safety online.


  • Course Overview:
    • Title: Digital Safety: Cyber Security Essentials & Myths
    • Aim: Gain expertise in online protection
    • Ratings: 4.4 with 151 ratings, 13,581 students
    • Instructor: Prabh Kirpa Classes
    • Last Updated: October 2023
  • Course Content:
    • 5 sections covering 26 lectures, total length 3 hours 29 minutes
    • Topics include Introduction, Cyber Security Essentials, Facing Cyber Threats, Cyber Security’s Frontier, and Cyber Security Uncovered.
  • What You’ll Learn:
    • Best practices for securing personal and organizational data
    • Deep understanding of cybersecurity importance and impacts
    • Knowledge about various types of cybersecurity threats and misconceptions
    • Understanding motivations behind cybercrimes and the importance of incident response plans
  • Requirements:
    • Basic computer skills and familiarity with foundational security concepts
  • Instructor Profile:
    • Prabh Kirpa Classes, an educator with a 4.2 instructor rating, 4,026 reviews, and 154,340 students
    • Provides education services from Class VII to Class XI
  • Student Feedback:
    • Positive reviews indicating the course’s effectiveness in understanding cybersecurity concepts
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This course offers comprehensive insights into cybersecurity essentials, debunking myths, and providing practical knowledge for individuals and businesses to enhance their online safety.

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